The Origin of Mass

Dr. Shepherd is an Osteopathic Physician practicing in the USA.

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Osteopathic Research

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The Mechanics of Cranial Motion

Source: The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies | Author: Andrew Cook

How Exercise Fuels The Brain

Source: The NYTimes

Spectacular Brain Images Reveal Simple Wiring

Source: MSNBC

Dr. Gerald Pollack-Water Is Not A Liquid

Source: Dr. Gerald Pollack, UW Professor of Bioengineering,

This article relates to the above article on brain track organization because the colored images are based in water content of the brain tracks and the body is 70% water

Study Sheds Light On How Birds Navigate By Magnetic Field

Source: The NYTimes

Relates to how mammals (which includes humans that are mammals) are affected by electromagnetic fields

The History of Quantum Physics

Note: Dr.Shepherd performs a kind of Osteopathy based in quantum physics with concepts described in this article. Please read the history section of the Wikipedia entry.